Backup & Standby Power

Relax and enjoy reliable power when the utility fails to deliver. Contact us today!

AES provides a range of backup and standby power solutions to maximize your operations productivity and personal enjoyment of the BVI. Within minutes your home or business will be back on line and fully functional.

AES's team provides complete solution design, project management and installation services to meet your objectives and budget.

Quiet, reliable and renewable energy is available 24 hours a day and offers long-term backup power without having to refuel.

Diesel Backup & Standby Power

For large commercial and industrial applications, AES supplies a range of generators from 14 kW to 2,000 kW. Coupled with a UPS, critical loads such as servers and computers will benefit from a seamless transition to generator power.

Alternative Energy Backup Power

The British Virgin Islands provide an abundance of both solar and wind energy to be captured to provide power to meet your needs.

AES utilizes both solar and wind power generation to provide energy to operate your home or business, and to charge batteries to provide backup power.

Free Consultation and Load Test

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