Battery Backup & UPS Power

What power outage?

Battery backup systems and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems provide seamless transitions in the event of a power failure. AES partners with you to evaluate your application and determine the appropriate solution.

UPS Systems

Relax knowing applications that can't afford to lose power are backed up long enough to allow a generator to come online or for staff to respond. AES supplies high-quality UPS systems capable of handling your individual work station or your entire office building.

Finding a solution starts with an investigation of your needs and evaluation of possible solutions.

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Battery Backup Systems

Quiet, reliable and user friendly — enjoy the convenience of reliable power 24/7. As an alternative to generators, battery backup systems provide power when the utility fails without the need for refueling.

Suitable for apartments, homes and businesses, battery backup systems rely on the grid to charge the batteries with the flexibility of adding solar or wind power supplies in the future.