Solar Pool Heating

Solar thermal energy offers an excellent return on investment. Each panel will save between $750.00 and $1300.00 per year in energy costs, depending on panel size and electrical rates (BVI electrical rates).

Why Solar Pool Heating?

  • Reduces or eliminates traditional heating costs
  • Utilizes free solar heat
  • Provides excellent payback

How It Works

Based on pool temperature and collector temperature, a small controller diverts water through the solar panels prior to delivering it to the pool. As the water passes through the solar panels, the sun heats the water. At night, the panels cool and the controller redirects the water to the pool, bypassing the solar panels to avoid cooling the water.

As the pool temperature increases and the wind picks up, evaporation increases. Unfortunately, evaporation cools the water; and as a result, more energy is required to continue heating the pool. In order to reduce heating requirements, we recommend combining solar heating with a solar blanket to minimize evaporation.

Construction Considerations

  • South-Facing Slope or shadow-free area required
  • Panel surface area will equal pool surface area
  • Minimize distance to pump room to reduces pipe runs