Primary & Off-Grid Power

Living or operating a business without the convenience of grid power can be challenging. AES reduces your worries by designing a system that works.

Primary Diesel Power Generation

Large remote operations need dependable power. AES offers a complete range of diesel generators capable of powering a single home o rlarge commercial operation. Our engineering approach ensures that your objectives are achieved and your source of power is reliable.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Quiet, reliable and renewable energy is available 24 hours a day and offers long-term sustainable power capable of reducing or eliminating dependence on traditional fuel-based power generation.

The British Virgin Islands provides an abundance of solar and wind power generation possibilities making it feasible to power a home entirely from renewable resources.

Engineered in accordance with the National Electric Code and designed for reliability, renewable power has the potential to meet 100% of your power requirements. Our collaborative approach helps you understand the potential of renewable energy, and together we create a solution that will achieve you and your guests' satisfaction.

Hybrid Power Production

Enjoy the best of both technologies. AES can show you how to gain the benefits of both solutions. Resorts, remote homes or operations interested in maintaining power while minimizing diesel generator operation will benefit from a combined power solution.