We are the #1 choice for Solar Power

If you own a home in the Caribbean now is the best time to go solar. Our technically trained staff will come to your house and guide you through the process, making installing solar power easy and fun. 

Residential Solar Power Project

Location: Hodges Creek, Tortola, BVI
Solar Array: 24 Kyocera 135W Panels
Battery Backup Inverter System: Outback 7.2 kW

Solar Array (Longbay)

Location: Longbay, Tortola, BVI
Solar System: 2.6 kW
Panels: Kyocera 130
Backup Inverter System: Outback 14.4 kW
Battery Bank: Lifeline AGM

Solar Array (Little Dix)

Location: Little Dix, Virgin Gorda
Solar System: 6k
Panels: W Sharp Solar Array
Backup Inverter Capacity: 14 kW
Client Feedback: "I am very pleased with the job at the Villa, and with the neat finish. Am currently using about 40 units a day whereas before your recent intervention ... it was more like 100... thanks very much for a job well done."  — Tony D

Solar Electric, Pool Heating and
Hot Water

Location: Road Town, Tortola, BVI
Solar Pool Heating: 10,000 Gallon Pool
Domestic Hot Water: 120 Gallon System
Background Solar Power Solution: 7 kW Backup Power,
2 kW Array

Call us today, and we will help you begin transforming your home into an energy efficient asset.